Cheesy Dizzy is utility 2.000 algorithmically generated unique NFT collection stored on Solana Blockchain. Cheesy Dizzy uses the most fair mint system - Metaplex Candy Machine.
There are over 70 attributes across 12 categories. You can find more information about this by clicking on the button below.
All arts are unique and created by our artist.

In the distant future mice took over the earth destroying all people on the planet. But their civilization also eventually came to an end: as a result of a thermonuclear war between the mouse states the Earth was literally split into several parts. Survivors fled to the moon where they found huge deposits of cheese. Is it good? A new war for resources begins.

Recently a lot of NFT projects have appeared that position themselves as pure generative art. But if we go further? We want to take a step towards the utility of using NFT technology on Solana Blockchain in combination with generative art: farming and Play-to-Earn gaming.
Let's think about what mice can do? Of course, modify your body with cyber prostheses and mutate ... and mine tasty cheese!
Step-by-Step New Content Stategy
Our team believes that the best way to keep the excitement around the project is to go to new heights step by step. Cheesy Dizzy NFT it is not just art it is also a tool: we want each traits to be more than just a string of metadata. No! This is what will give your mouse special abilities in the Chizzy Dizzy metaverse.
1/4: Prelaunch Stage
2/4: Launch stage
3/4 Farming launch
4/4 Breeding and Lands
7 Giveaways and twitter bounty campaign; Raffle of exclusive early farming passes for influencers: Cheesy Cheddar Pass 1 to 1
Launch: the realease and minting of 2.000 NFTs; announcement of the CHEESE token farming system using your nft mice
Launch of the CHEESE token farming system with PvE and PvP elements: many of your mouse's features will prove to be very useful!
We are planning to launch a system of lands - cells on the moon map where you can put your mice. And they will bring you nice bonuses!
What will be the price of 1 Cheesy Dizzy?
How much Cheesy Dizzy NFTs will exist?
2.000 Cheesy Dizzy unique NFT designed by our artist. All NFTs are algorithmically generated
What Solana wallets can I use?
We will be using Phantom, Sollet and Solflare wallets for the website connection. Phantom wallet is recommended
What marketplaces will Cheesy Dizzy be on?
We are going to list on and Solsea
Who is Cheesy Dizzy team?
Our team consists of 5 people: the artist, the three developers and community builder